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Jun. 8th, 2014 01:57 pm
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Player name: Courtney
Age: 19
Contact: [ profile] nidorina
Other characters: Aoi Asahina and Zia

Character name: Sayaka Miki
Series: Madoka Magica (anime)
Canon point: Episode 5, after she's made her contract but before she's rescued Madoka.
Plot summary, detailed episode summaries, Sayaka's wiki page

Every school class has a Sayaka Miki: the loud, rambunctious girl who does and says whatever comes to her mind without a filter, who's more likely to be asleep on her desk than taking notes. A brash, confident tomboy, Sayaka isn't afraid to hold anything back: she says exactly what she thinks without considering or censoring it, treats her friends with loud and sometimes inappropriate affection (clutching at her squirming and struggling best friend Madoka and loudly declaring that she'll make Madoka her bride), and does things without considering the ramifications. Usually this is ultimately inconsequential—she can deal with a failed test grade because she followed the sudden urge to go out with a friend instead of studying, or her friend Hitomi's hysterical discomfort at the idea of two girls being in love. Hindsight is 20/20, though, and Sayaka often ends up regretting her actions after actually taking time to think about them, but only after they've already been done. More on that later, though.

For as lighthearted as Sayaka seems, she holds powerful convictions. Notably, she's always been courageous: even before her contract, she was willing to fight off foes; she defended Madoka from Homura, an apparent threat, with a nearby fire extinguisher, and brought a baseball bat along to her witch hunt with Mami as a back-up measure, fully intending to use it if straits got dire. In the Oriko manga, wherein she doesn't become a magical girl, a witch barrier swallows up her school and familiars kill her teacher and classmates right before her. Even so, Sayaka doesn't abandon her friend Hitomi when she breaks down and refuses to run anymore; Sayaka snaps off a piece of the barrier scenery and uses it as a club to beat back the familiars. Because of Sayaka's bravery and resourcefulness, they're among the only survivors left when the witch is defeated.

These events showcase another prevailing trait: protectiveness. Making her contract capitalized on an already existing drive to keep people safe. Now that she has the power to keep otherwise helpless people safe, she's obligated to use it—she views herself as a knight and a warrior of justice.

Sayaka's viewing herself as such a guardian leads to all sorts of problems for herself, though. She has an ideal image of herself that she's built up, the picture-perfect knight templar crafted in the image of Mami, her senior: a powerful Puella Magi who fought witches solely for the sake of keeping other people safe, and never failed to do. Whenever Sayaka falls short of that image, she breaks down. In her eyes, faltering at all in her supposed duties makes her useless.

The root of all this is that Sayaka's morality is entirely black and white. There is good and there is evil, and no in between. Sayaka perceived Mami as good because of her selflessness, ethic, and strength, so in Sayaka's mind, she has to dedicate herself to fighting witches, do so solely for the sake of helping people, and make sure she never fails to keep anyone safe. When she falls short of her own expectations and fails to meet all of the requirements of being good by failing to save someone from a witch, doing anything with the hope or expectation of receiving something in return, or letting a witch or familiar get away, she thinks it means she must be bad because there is no "almost good."

Despite Sayaka's confident exterior, she struggles with her own self-worth. Despite thinking deeply and philosophically and being excellent at reading others, she calls herself an idiot because she doesn't fit the ideal of what a smart person is supposed to be; she falls asleep in class, her notes are sloppy, she fails her tests in school. She has a narrow, singular definition of what a smart person acts like, and because she doesn't fit it, she must be dumb. As the series goes on, she starts viewing herself as immensely selfish. To her, a good deed must be done entirely for its own sake to really be a good deed. If she expects or desires anything in return, it can't be a good deed, and therefore, it must be bad. Her wish to heal Kyouske really is a selfless one—at the very end of the series, her dying spirit tells Madoka that all she ever wanted was for more people to hear him play his violin. But there was still a part of her that wanted something in return. Because she couldn't stifle the desire for Kyouske to love her—not even because she had made her wish for him; she just wanted his love, period—her wish couldn't be good, and therefore it had to be bad, and therefore she was a selfish, horrible person and any good intention didn't count.
Ultimately, Sayaka does mean well. At her core, a desire to do right by people and keep them safe however she can drives her in everything she does. Her extreme ideas of what that entails are what ruin her. Black and white means all or nothing; she can't just want something, she has to devote herself entirely to the goal and let it consume not only everything she does, but everything she is. When she falls short of her goals or fails to enact her causes, her whole being falls apart with them.

Puella Magi: Using her soul gem, Sayaka is able to transform into a Puella Magi form. In this form, she has healing abilities as noted below, can do some improbably high and long jumps and glides, and summon swords. Sayaka will be able to transform three times a day. When transformed, she can do whatever neat sword-summoning and throwing things she wants. Other powers will be limited as noted below.

Healing: In her Puella Magi form, Sayaka is able to quickly heal her own wounds. This happens on its own and is always on. As shown in the Different Story manga, she is also capable of healing the physical wounds of others while in her Puella Magi form; doing so will be limited to three times a day.

Witch Detection: Using her soul gem, Sayaka is able to sense and follow the presence of witches. This is almost guaranteed to be irrelevant in this setting; on the off-chance that it comes up, it is an always on ability.

Soul Gem
: Sayaka's body is basically a meat puppet. Her soul is contained in a gem. Usually it takes the form of a ring, but she can also turn it into this shape, and it becomes something like a navel piercing in her Puella Magi form. If more than 100 meters of separation come between Sayaka and her soul gem, she falls unconscious; if it's returned to her in due time, she wakes up without having realized what had happened.

Killing Sayaka's body will not kill her. If you stab her through the chest, she will either a) believe she is dying, if she is unaware of the nature of her soul gem, and immediately fall into despair and turn into a witch; or b) be able to heal the bodily wound if she is aware of the nature of her soul gem. To kill her, her soul gem must be destroyed.

Using her powers requires energy. As she loses energy, her soul gem starts to blacken. In order to remove the taint from her soul gem, Sayaka has to use grief seeds, which are obtained only by defeating witches. As Sayaka's soul gem becomes darker, her mind becomes clouded: she falls into despair, and her worldview becomes increasingly bitter, cynical, and pessimistic. Should her soul gem become completely black, it shatters, and Sayaka turns into a witch.

If she becomes a witch, Sayaka herself is completely dead and gone. The witch, Oktavia von Seckendorff, creates her own sort of pocket dimension—a barrier—and sends various magical attacks at intruders. Because of the barrier's mazelike nature, a non-magical human would find it nearly impossible to find their way out.

All of these are always on.

Entry: Someone is going to have to come convince Sayaka she's not in a witch barrier and drag her over to the bastion.

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You know the drill! Any and all crit on my Sayaka playing would be very very much appreciated. Anon is off and so is IP logging, and all comments are screened.


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